A new hand wash is reviewed as highly effective and very safe


From Cleanzine

Occupational skincare specialist Deb Group, has announced the launch of OxyBAC, which it claims is the safest and most effective antibacterial hand wash for use in any food handling, general workplace, public facility or social care environment where higher standards of hand hygiene are required.

Professional use, liquid antibacterial hand washing soaps have been available for more than 50 years. Their use has increased in response to public concerns over the spread of infectious diseases and the need for greater vigilance in hygienically sensitive environments, such as where raw and uncooked foods are being handled. This has led to greater emphasis on germ-kill performance and the introduction of stronger biocides. With this change, more has been learned about the impact that the biocidal agents used in antibacterial soaps have on hand hygiene, human health and the environment.

Today, varying concerns exist over all current biocidal agents used in handwash products. The first main concern is environmental toxicity, as existing biocidal agents used in handwash products tend to have residual environmental toxicity that can be harmful to the environment and aquatic life.

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