April 2018 DestinationGreen Newsletter: Congrats to Notre Dame and Villanova – Plus Other Fun Opportunities

Hello and welcome,

I can’t believe that it is April already and hope your year is off to a good start. It has been a great start for me as we have landed some new clients (i.e. City of San Francisco), extended agreements with others (i.e. Google), and added a number of terrific speaking events (i.e. ISSA and Sustainable Products Leadership Council). So just like you, we are working hard as success is earned, not guaranteed.

To help you succeed, I want to share a number of opportunities that will pave the way for your success.

For Facility Managers – Support the Initiative to Move the Cleaning Industry toward Sustainability:

FMs, this is an easy one. I am asking you to sign our Statement of Support which simply states that you and your organization want to purchase Green products from Green and sustainability-focused companies. This will send a clear message to the cleaning industry that this is an issue you care about. Your name will be added to a growing list of facility managers and organizations in the real estate (office building) sector, universities, schools, hospitals and more.   For more information on the Statement of Support, email me here.

Calling All Sport Fans:

As I think you may know, I am a huge basketball fan and would like to acknowledge student-athletes at every level as they practice the commitment to excellence that will help them succeed in sports and in life. As you likely know, the 2018 NCAA Basketball Tournament was won by Notre Dame in women’s basketball and Villanova in men’s basketball. Congratulations!

As to some sports opportunities that can help you – and where your input would be helpful –include two educational events (mixed with some good old fashion fun in Atlanta) and our update to the Green Sports Alliance’s Playbook on Greener Cleaning in Sport Facilities.

So first, on May 10, we will be holding a half-day workshop at the awesome new Mercedes-Benz Stadium – home of the NFL Atlanta Falcons.

The program is designed to help product distributors (those who operate warehouses and have delivery vehicles) reduce their energy and fuel consumption helping them save money and reduce their environmental footprint.  And, here’s something special.  We will also include a special, back-of-the-house tour of this precedent-setting new stadium. I can’t wait to see it!

My thanks to the Falcons for hosting the event and Penske Corporation for their sponsorship.

Oh, btw… the program is completely free, but participation is very limited. So send me an email if you’re want to get involved and I’ll send you more info.   The second event will also be in Atlanta at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The Green Sports Alliance will be holding its annual Summit from June 28-30. The Summit will be packed with lots of interesting sessions on the greening of pro and collegiate sport facilities – and if it’s anything like last year, get ready to meet lots of interesting people in the sports industry.

Finally, we are currently updating the Playbook (guide) on Greener Cleaning in Sport Facilities. Thanks to all of you who have already shared some great ideas with me. However, we aren’t done yet. We are still looking for more information on the following:

  • Green Cleaning for food concessionaires
  • How to improve ergonomics for cleaning workers
  • Updates on innovative products (something you manufacturers don’t want to miss)
  • New purchasing recommendations
  • Infection prevention for athletes and fans
  • Green and sustainability case studies from sport facilities.

While we can’t pay you for your contribution, we will include your name in the list of contributors. Use this information to proudly show your clients, prospects, friends, and family as a lasting legacy of your work. Click here to down load the current version.

Earth Day:

Just as a little reminder. Earth Day is April 22.

Please consider doing something special to highlight the great work you and your organizations are doing to protect the health and safety of building occupants and cleaning workers, while at the same time, reducing negative impacts on the environment.

Even a simple a tabletop display of your Green Cleaning products will bring attention to the great work you are doing. You might even consider developing a simple flyer explaining how to implement Green Cleaning in the home which can improve their family’s health and reducing environmental impacts.

While there are a million things you can do, just keep in mind that Earth Day only happens once per year, so don’t miss the opportunity.

Thank you for your hard work and please stay in touch.  I need your help and together we can truly make a difference.