Ashkin Believes Sun Will Finally Shine on Day Cleaning


By Robert Kravitz, The Ashkin Group, for GreenAhead

Although Day Cleaning has been discussed for more than a decade with only limited implementation, Stephen Ashkin, well known as the professional cleaning industry’s “father of Green Cleaning,” believes its time has come.

“In virtually all situations, the cost savings [of Day Cleaning] can no longer be denied,” says Ashkin. “With companies looking for more ways to reduce operating expenses and become more sustainable, Day Cleaning becomes a viable option.”

As an example, Adobe Systems of San Jose, California, is saving about $25,000 a year as a result of energy savings due to Day Cleaning.

Similarly, Fluor Corporation of Irving, Texas, reports saving approximately $70,000 in energy charges just for lighting as a result of Day Cleaning.

But how would Day Cleaning spur more facilities to select environmentally preferable cleaning products?

A key reason, says Ashkin, is because many facilities adopt Day Cleaning practices not only to save money but to become more sustainable.

Environmentally preferable cleaning products are typically made from renewable sources, making them far more sustainable than conventional cleaning products.

However, Ashkin believes the interaction between cleaning professionals and building users will also become one of the fundamental reasons for the transfer to Green Cleaning.

“With night cleaning, [custodians] and the products they use are often ‘out of site/out of mind,’” he says.

“But with Day Cleaning, building users interact with the people cleaning their facilities and learn about the products being used. They become more concerned that those products are effective as well as healthy, which will encourage the transfer to Green Cleaning products.”

He adds that contrary to earlier beliefs that the struggling economy would put the brakes on Green Cleaning, “this is one more example where just the opposite is true.”