Ashkin Group Announces a Series of Free Upcoming Webinars

Stephen Ashkin, president of The Ashkin Group and long known as the industry’s “father of Green Cleaning,” announces a series of free webinars his organization will be cohosting with the Healthy Schools Campaign over the next few months.

On August 19th at 2 pm ET, The Ashkin Group and the Healthy Schools Campaign will discuss the future of Green Cleaning. Titled “Innovative New Technologies in Green Cleaning for Schools and Universities,” building engineers and content experts will discuss the most significant Green Cleaning technologies recently introduced and review new products they are using in the schools they serve.

In addition, the presenters will discuss strategies for creating “buy in” among cleaning staff for these products, along with building support for Green Cleaning programs in general. Register for this webinar at:

The second free webinar will be held on September 3rd at 2 pm ET with David Gottfried, author of the new book Explosion Green;Stephen Ashkin; and Mark Bishop, with the Healthy Schools Campaign.

This webinar is titled, “Meet David Gottfried, Founder of the U.S. Green Building Council.” According to Ashkin, Gottfried has more than 20 years of firsthand experience in the Green building movement. “He was there making things happen long before most of us ever heard of or were that concerned with Green and sustainable issues.” Click here to register or visit:

Finally, one last webinar that should be of value to you is “Green Cleaning and Infection Control,” which again will be cosponsored by the Healthy Schools Campaign, on September 16th at 2 pm ET. Register now.

“These webinars are designed to not only educate but, even more important, show how together we can really make a difference,” adds Ashkin. “Together, we have come a long way in making our schools, sports centers, healthcare centers, and many other types of facilities cleaner and healthier.”