Ashkin Lists Top Ten Ways to Make This a Green Valentine’s Day

Bloomington, IN – Feb 13, 2013 – Stephen Ashkin president of The Ashkin Group, known as the “father of Green Cleaning” and the cleaning and building industries’ leading advocate for sustainability, suggests ten way ways we can all make this Thursday, Valentine’s Day 2013, warm, romantic…and Green.

According to Ashkin, “it’s actually quite easy. [In fact,] there are so many ways to make Valentine’s Day, and every day for that matter, Greener and more sustainable, I actually had trouble listing just ten.”

Nevertheless, here are Ashkin’s Top Ten Ways to Make This a Green Valentine’s Day:

1.     Make a card out of recycled materials or, instead of a traditional card, send an electronic card.

2.     Light candles. “Valentine’s Day is a great time to smooch by candlelight.”

3.     Turn down the thermostat, and snuggle under the blankets.

4.     Make homemade cake, candy, and treats instead of purchasing them.

5.     Make a home-cooked meal using locally sourced food and wine.

6.     Give a gift of a potted plant instead of cut flowers; better yet, plant a rosebush or crab apple tree (symbol of love or friendship) in an open area or forest.

7.     Forget balloons; give your special person a long-lasting item such as a framed photograph.

8.     Leave the car at home; take a walk in a local park or at the beach.

9.     If giving chocolates, make it organic and fair trade chocolate.

“And the tenth tip is not so much ‘Green’ as it is important,” says Ashkin. “Just don’t forget this day. Valentine’s Day is all about kindness and love—something we all need a lot more of.”

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