Ashkin Offers Tips to Make it a Summer of Sustainability

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Ashkin Offers Tips to Make it a Summer of Sustainability

Bloomington, IN – Just because it’s summer does not mean we can forget about sustainability. In fact, with everyone using air conditioning systems virtually 24/7, it’s often the summer months we need to focus on sustainability the very most.

Stephen Ashkin, president of Sustainability Dashboard Tools, Inc., and known as the industry leader in turning sustainability into cost savings, offers the following tips to promote sustainability and cut costs:

Use a green(er) sunscreen. Traditional sunscreen products can be harmful to aquatic life and coral reefs. Look for products that do not contain oxybenzone (benzene-3) or Octyl Methoxycinnamate.

Use reusable bottles. Many park and recreation facilities now provide water fountains to fill reusable water bottles

A/C off or on? Should you turn your home AC off or on while at work? While there is not a universal consensus on this, the Environmental Protection Agency suggests it is less costly and uses less electricity to turn the system off completely if away from home five hours or more

Fly during the day. Scientists have found that night flights are twice as bad for the environment than day flights, producing more greenhouse gasses.

Green grillin. There are now Green charcoal products available. Some are made from renewable plant waste instead of wood by-products

Stay local. Taking advantage of local parks and recreation centers reduces driving, and anything that reduces driving can help lessen the number of greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere.

Go beyond LNT. We’ve all heard the phrase, Leave No Trace, which means leaving outdoor areas in the same condition we found them. But now we need to go beyond LNT. Look for trash or debris that someone else left behind and take the extra step to dispose of it.


About Sustainability Dashboard Tools, Inc.

The Sustainability Dashboard was designed by sustainability professionals & built by software engineers to be an easy to use and reliable web application, creating a centralized platform to help you and your team. The system monitors several metrics including water, energy, greenhouse gas emissions and more so that building owners and managers can take steps to reduce consumption and protect natural resources.


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