Blount Schools Green Cleaning Test May Go Statewide


From: Matthew Stewart, The Daily Times

Carpenters Middle School custodian Debbie Pickel cleans desks with a green chemical in this August 2010 file photo. Green cleaning uses environmentally friendly ingredients and chemicals. Image source: Joy Kimbrough | The Daily Times

State legislators have proposed a bill that would implement green cleaning practices in the state’s schools based on positive results in two Blount County (Tennessee) schools.

State Rep. Brenda Gilmore, D-Nashville, and State Sen. Andy Berke, D-Chattanooga, are sponsoring HB2416 and SB2521, respectively. The bills would enact the “Green Cleaning Schools Act.”

As proposed, the state Department of Education would adopt a green cleaning policy for schools statewide. School officials could only purchase and use environmentally sensitive cleaning products.

If a school determines the adoption of a green cleaning policy isn’t economically feasible and would result in an increase in its cleaning costs, the school must provide annual written notification to the state Department of Education until it is economically feasible.

The bill has been placed on the House’s Education Subcommittee for Wednesday, and it’s also been referred to the Senate Education Committee. If lawmakers pass the bill, it would take effect Jan. 1, 2013…

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