Celebrating Earth Day at Symantec in California

This is part of Destination Green’s series on how you can celebrate Earth Day

With Earth Day less than a month away, we are starting a series of posts on how different organizations have celebrated this special day.  Our first story comes from software developer, Symantec and how they celebrated Earth Day 2013:

On April 13, 2013 a 40 person team of volunteers from Symantec’s Mountain View campus assembled at Quarry Lakes Regional Park in Fremont to restore wildlife habitat. With abundant sunshine and perfect temperatures, the Symantec team learned about the importance of their project from the Park District’s Wildlife Biologist. By planting over 20 trees and installing birdhouses, Symantec was part of improving conditions for “at risk” wildlife and sustaining an area critically important to the Pacific Flyway for migratory birds.

For me, participating in this Symantec volunteer event was great for several reasons. Teaming with people outside the office setting along with their family members brings an added and special connection to co-workers. Breathing fresh air, getting “shovel and dirt” exercise, and helping the community was a definite plus.  Also, the common bond and shared experience of doing something that will make a difference for decades to come was fantastic.  This volunteer event “sold out” in a few days and had a waitlist!! That just goes to show the giving nature of Symantec employees…I’m already looking forward to the  next volunteer event!!

Chris Abess is a Symantec VP in the Norton business segment, and also serves as the global executive sponsor for the company’s Green Teams.