China orders nationwide emission cuts by 2015


From The Telegraph

Authorities will also start to monitor the smallest and most dangerous airborne pollution, known as PM2.5, in densely populated areas such as Beijing and Tianjin, the government said in a statement on its environmental targets.

“Total emissions of major pollutants should be reduced significantly by 2015,” the State Council, or cabinet, said, listing a number of pollutants including sulphur dioxide, but not carbon.

“Urban and rural drinking water supply and environmental security should be protected effectively, water quality should be improved greatly and heavy metal pollution should be controlled effectively.”

China also vowed to “significantly” improve safety measures for nuclear energy production and speed up the elimination of “old automobiles and motorcycles” registered before 2005.

The announcement comes amid growing public debate over pollution in China, where more than 30 years of rapid economic growth has left the country’s air, soil and waterways severely contaminated.

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