Climate Change and Allergies

From Bobby Khaksari, Sustainable Friends

Climate changeis arguably the greatest environmental challenge facing humanity. This multifaceted problem will affect many of the earth’s processes and almost all aspects of our lives, and no one is excluded.The most talked about consequence of climate change is sea level rise, which results from both glacial melting and the thermal expansion of water. The rise in sea level has serious implications for coastal areas and inhabitants, especially during the more intense storms which are expected as the earth continues to warm. Hurricane Sandy was a perfect example of how debilitating and expensive flooding can be.

Other consequences of climate change include more intense and unpredictable weather events, the spread of disease, and uncertain food production patterns. All of this means increased costs to human life and our economies.

Another less talked about issue associated with climate change which is predicted to affect more and more people in the coming years is allergies.

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