Climate Change and Risks to the Jansan Industry

Just like all businesses and organizations, those of us in the professional cleaning industry cannot close our eyes and think climate change will not impact our companies. It will. In fact, it already has. Distributor deliveries in areas of the country such as Houston, key parts of North Carolina, and Florida have all seen their business operations stalled as a result of extreme weather events tied to climate change.

When business operations stall, that means they essentially stop running. When businesses stop running, money is likely not coming in the door. At the very same time, vast amounts of money may be needed for repairs and restoration of business facilities and property. Indeed, not a good situation for any business operation.

Let’s take a look at the three key components of our industry and examine the potential risks they could face as a result of climate change, and more specifically, severe weather events brought on by climate change.

Jansan Manufacturers

  • Damage or destruction of offices and manufacturing sites
  • Securing and in some cases rebuilding entire offices and manufacturing sites
  • Disruption of supply chain for parts and components to make products
  • Reduced worker productivity, to include employee time off to rebuild or repair homes
  • Delays in distributing products to distributors and end-customers
  • Loss of essential utilities such as water and electricity, as well as fuel to operate vehicles
  • Higher costs for energy and fuel due to limited supplies


Jansan Distributors

  • Delays in receiving products from manufacturers
  • Loss or damage to offices and storage facilities
  • No power, fuel, or water
  • Temporary or permanent facility dislocation
  • Supply destruction
  • Loss of product orders, threatening the life of the business

In addition, many of the potential risks impacting manufacturers will also impact distributors.

Building Service Contractors

  • Disruption of fuel, energy, water, and possibly cleaning supplies, delaying cleanup operations
  • Loss or damage of supplies
  • Vehicle damage
  • Reduced worker productivity, to include employee time off to rebuild or repair homes

Here again, many of the potential risks impacting manufacturers and distributors will also impact building service contractors.