Cold Water Washing: Cost Savings Plus Environmental Benefits

New cold water washing can reduce the number of fills and water used per wash—translating to up to a 40 percent reduction in water used compared to traditional wash methods. To put it into context, the amount of water you save at your hotel in a year could equal the amount needed to fill 20 average-sized swimming pools.

With less water to heat, and washing in colder temperatures, cold water washing can contribute to up to a 75 percent reduction in energy use. This reduction in water and energy can lead to significant savings on a hotel’s utility bill that, when combined with up to a 15 percent linen replacement cost savings from using a high quality cold water washing system, could save a hotel property with 150 rooms up to $8,700 per year. Saving water and energy makes good business sense for any hotel, as it benefits the environment and the bottom line.

Today, modern laundry formulations include new developments in enzymes specifically designed for lower wash temperatures that can help effectively break down stains without the need for high water temperatures, resulting in less water usage and clean, soft linens and towels for your guests.

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