Durban Climate Talks — What Happened?


From Rebecca Anderson, The Huffington Post

The international climate negotiations have wrapped up in Durban, South Africa. I’m curious as to what percent of Americans even knew that these negotiations were happening. There was zero build-up to the talks in the media and pretty sparse coverage of the event even while it was going on or once it was completed.

Sadly, it’s an issue that’s just not on Americans’ radar right now. But sometimes, things happen because, not despite, being off the radar. Is Durban a case in point? Shh… Don’t tell, but the U.S. did in fact sign… Just what, exactly? Let’s look.

For many climate activists, scientists and delegates from small island nations that are dealing with climate change right now, the deal struck at Durban was woefully insufficient compared to the reality of climate change. But the “Durban Platform,” as it’s called, is at least something real — a very small step towards bridging the gap between the what scientists say needs to be done to avoid dangerous climate change and our current reality.

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