Engineering Water for Cleaning

When correctional facility managers think about Green Cleaning, they typically think about using environmentally preferable cleaning products. Products that have been independently tested and certified to meet very strict guidelines that ensure they have a reduced impact on people and the environment. However, the day will soon come – and in many ways is here already – when Green Cleaning strategies will also include the use of no cleaning chemicals at all.

This practice is referred to as the use of “engineered-water.” No, the water has not been artificially created in some laboratory. It means that regular tap water has been activated, oxonated, electrolyzed, or treated in some specific way, turning it into an effective cleaning method without the use of chemicals. We shall give specific examples of how it can be used and the many benefits of using engineered water later.

But first we must say that cleaning using engineered water is effective for many, if not most, cleaning tasks. However, studies verify its efficacy it should not be used in place of disinfectants, for instance in the medical areas of a correctional facility. In those areas, EPA-certified disinfectants should continue to be used and may even be required by law.

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