Green Cleaning: Finding an Effective Green Cleaning Trainer

Property managers and cleaning contractors can enlist the help of an effective Green cleaning trainer, who might be a vendor, distributor, or rep selling Green cleaning products.  It may take a little time and due diligence to find this person, but he or she is out there and if the objective is to reach the goals of Green cleaning,  it is time well spent.

Property managers and cleaning contractors should consider the following when selecting a trainer:

  • Evaluate the training materials the trainer provides.  One obvious thing to look for is if the material is written in the language of the custodial workers.  The professional cleaning industry throughout North America is very multilingual.  Also, check to see that the training materials are not marketing materials.  While some of this information may be very good, when a company’s marketing department prepares training materials, the emphasis is typically on selling the product and not using it.
  • Find out if the trainer has experience and is well-versed in training—custodial training, in general, and specifically Green cleaning training.  The trainer must be knowledgeable about cleaning and using Green cleaning products.  Further, some trainers are comfortable and effective when teaching a group of people—it is what they like to do and they do it well.  But as referenced earlier, this is often not the case.
  • Did the trainer walk-thru the entire facility and evaluate current cleaning procedures?  Transferring to Green cleaning  is a perfect time to reevaluate all cleaning operations in the facility.  An effective trainer often can instruct cleaning workers on more effective, efficient, and cost saving ways to perform their tasks.
  • Does the trainer pre- and post-test cleaning workers?  Tests help people learn and can play a vital role in an effective Green cleaning training program.

Finally, look for a trainer who realizes the role of cleaning professionals has changed over the years.  Cleaning workers do not only perform cleaning duties…they now partner with property managers and look for ways to reduce energy and water consumption, helping facilities operate more efficiently and contribute to the overall health of all building users.  This contribution not only helps Green the facility, but it can help building owners save money as well.