First Steps in Making 2014 Your Most Sustainable Year Ever

Stephen Ashkin, President of The Ashkin Group and Sustainable Tools, LLC, offers the following “first steps” in making 2014 your most sustainable year ever:

  • Reuse packing material and cardboard boxes.
  • Make use of double-sided printing whenever possible
  • Use water responsibly and efficiently
  • Go digital when it comes to bill payments, vendor ordering, invoicing, banking, and any other paperwork in order to become as paperless as possible.
  • Eliminate disposable cups, plates, and utensils in break rooms and replacing them with permanent dishware.
  • Use Green-certified cleaning products.
  • Purchase energy-efficient PCs, printers, and other equipment that features the Energy Star label.
  • Establish a route-planning schedule so that deliveries, pick-ups, and service calls in the same geographical area can take place during the same vehicle run, saving on fuel and reducing emissions.
  • For warehouse operators, optimize facility layouts so that best-selling items are stored close to delivery ramps.
  • Adjust lights, thermostats, and other electronics so that these items are only powered up when areas are actually being used.
  • Going home on Friday, unplug the vending machines (they use much more power than we realize)
  • Becoming focused on sustainability….make it a culture in your office, a way of doing business