Follow Up on the ISSA Show….and advocating increased face washing for children

kids-washing-their-facesThere was so much going on at this year’s ISSA tradeshow in Chicago that at times it was hard to keep up. Among the many events was ISSA’s introduction of the DEAL program, developed with the help of Sustainability Dashboard Tools, LLC.

DEAL, which stands for Distributor Efficiency Analytics & Learning, is an online “portal,” designed to help warehouse distributors reduce operating costs and be more efficient.

We were pleased, and a bit surprised, to see just how many people attended this event. It was standing room only, which tells me many distributors now see “cost savings” when they think about sustainability…something that was not the case only a few years ago.

In fact, the U.S. Green Building Council and the Environmental Protection Agency estimate savings of 10 percent to as much as 30 percent are possible when the DEAL program’s sustainability initiatives are implemented.

To put this in more tangible terms, if a distributor saves $15,000 annually by using the DEAL program, they may be able to save up to $15,000 in operating costs, comparable to increasing sales by as much as $150,000

The DEAL program does this by helping distributors measure and monitor use of resources such as fuel, electricity, water, etc., so that they can take steps to reduce consumption.

The program launch was highlighted with an awards ceremony honoring those distributors that have been “beta” testing the program for the past several months and benefited from the program. Those honored include the following:

Healthy School Campaign Lunch Keynote

Another high point of the show for me was that I was honored to give the lunch keynote address for the Healthy School Campaign. More than 150 people attended this event including administrators from schools and universities as well as administrators from K-to-12 school districts around the country.

My address focused on the power of leadership. I discussed the central role leaders play in advancing key topics, including sustainability initiatives. They have a vision, develop a game plan, and then motivate and inspire others to come on board to make things happen. We see this happening in professional sports and it’s that type of leadership that will help move “Green” and sustainability issues to the next level.

And talking about sports, the ISSA show also included a workshop sponsored by the Green Sports alliance. Although the workshop was directed toward sports venue operators, several jansan manufacturers and distributors attended as well. The workshop allowed us to learn, share, and discuss steps sports facilities are now taking to reduce their environmental footprint and explore how these steps are influencing fans to follow suit.

By the way, . . . on November 16 we will be having a Greener Cleaning Workshop sponsored by the Washington Nationals baseball team which will include a tour of their facility so everyone can see directly the Green and sustainability initiatives they have put into place. Anyone wishing to attend the event please contact our team at Sustainability Dashboard Tools and they will help you with the arrangements.

Face Washing

Finally, I would like to discuss an issue with you that I believe is of growing importance. We are making progress getting more children to wash their hands, but we need to take that a step further and encourage them to wash their faces more thoroughly and frequently as well.

During the course of the day, germs and bacteria build up on our hands and wind up being transferred to our faces. We may not be aware of it, but all of us, especially kids, touch our faces throughout the day, transferring germs and bacteria at the same time. Adults touch their faces about four times per hour so we can assume kids are doing the same if not more frequently.

Essentially, our kids are “self-inoculating” themselves with these germs and bacteria which can cause disease. We’re not going to have much luck getting kids to stop touching their faces…but I would like to ask you to help me develop ways to encourage our kids to make face washing just as important as handwashing. This could be a very big step in keeping them happy and healthy.

Thanks, and talk to you soon.


PS: Don’t forget, if you want to attend the private tour of the Washington Nationals ballpark, just let us know.