The Future of Green Cleaning Is…People

Green cleaning is certainly not a new subject. All types of publications having anything to do with facility maintenance, management and indoor health have published articles on what green cleaning is and how it can help protect human health, improve worker productivity, reduce cleaning’s impact on the environment and promote sustainability.

Because it is no longer a new subject, I am often asked what the future is for green cleaning. Some things are obvious. For instance, not only are more and more conventional products being replaced with environmentally preferable alternatives; in many cases, professional cleaning chemical manufacturers are now on their second, third, fourth or even fifth new version of certain green cleaning products. As manufacturers better understand what makes a product green, they have developed new technologies that have helped make these products more effective and affordable.

Another step in the evolution of green cleaning is the development of more cleaning equipment that helps protect the environment. Low-moisture carpet extractors are an example of this. They use less water and chemicals than conventional machines and help carpets dry faster, preventing the growth of mold and mildew—all environmental attributes. At one time, only a few equipment manufacturers produced these machines. Now most have developed low-moisture extractors, and for some, that is the only type of extractor they manufacture. Similar advances have been made for hard-surface floor care equipment.

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