Green building’s ‘new normal’


From Jerry Yudelson, PE, MBA, LEED Fellow, Sustainable Industries

It’s now four years since I wrote Marketing Green Building Services: Strategies for Success, outlining how sustainable design & construction firms should think about green marketing. Since I first wrote that book, nearly 30,000 new projects have registered with LEED and more than 13,000 projects have been certified. Obviously, many firms now have the experience of successful projects to back up their marketing claims for sustainable design and construction. Indeed, LEED Gold buildings seldom even rate media mention anymore and evenLEED Platinum buildings, about 5 to 6 percent of the total, seldom raise eyebrows.

The conversation has shifted to Architecture 2030 commitments, Living Building Challenge (LBC) and Zero-Net Energy buildings. And there are about 175,000 LEED Accredited Professionals, more than twice the membership of the American Institute of Architects. So the excitement, for many leading firms, has shifted from proving “we can do this,” to “what’s next?”

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