Green Cleaning in Medical Facilities

Green cleaning in medical facilities.  Here are some practical steps healthcare facility managers can take to bring Green cleaning into a medical setting.

These include the following :

  • Evaluate how a health care facility is defined for cleaning: different standards for different areas?
  • Section the hospital in to low risk, medium risk, and high risk areas. Low and medium risk areas can usually be cleaned safely and legally with Green cleaners and many areas of a medical facility can be reclassified low or medium risk allowing more use of safer cleaning chemicals and products.
  • Divide the hospital by risk areas; for example, office areas, are low risk, common area restrooms, clinics, physical therapy, medium risk, and operating rooms, emergency, are high risk
  • Green cleaning involves exterior and interior cleaning: For instance, matting systems, pest control procedures, ice melt are all part of exterior cleaning but can impact the indoor environment and health of the facility.
  • Using Green certified cleaning chemicals
  • Using vacuum cleaners and carpet extractors that have earned the Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute
  • Store  cleaning chemicals and supplies in a safe area that does not allow fumes to be released into the facility
  • Know what cleaning chemicals to avoid
  • Select Green paper products
  • Expand recycling programs