Green New Year’s Predictions: What We Predicted and Which Came True

The following are some of Stephen Ashkin’s Green New Year’s Predictions involving Green Cleaning and Green-related issues over the past three years. Some of these have come true while a couple are still, shall we say, in the planning stage:

•More consumer and household cleaning products will be Green certified; this will also bolster the use of Green certified cleaning products in the professional cleaning industry

This has happened and is continues to grow

• The industry’s first Green certified disinfectants will be available in the United States
The Federal government moves very slowly.

This is still in the planning stages

•More state and local governments will require Green Cleaning products and systems be used in educational and government facilities

This has happened and continues to grow 

◦Organizations, such as the Healthy Schools Campaign, Practice Greenhealth, the Green Hotel Association, and others, will grow in membership and influence

This is occurring and continues to grow 

◾More companies will require their vendors to demonstrate they are taking steps to become Greener and more sustainable

This is occurring and continues to grow 

◾All segments of the professional cleaning industry—manufacturers, distributors, and facility service providers—will become more sustainable and environmentally responsible.

This is occurring and continues to grow 

◾Building owners will increasingly turn to their suppliers, including cleaning contractors, to help reduce [resource] consumption

This is occurring and continues to grow
◾There will be greater transparency regarding exactly what ingredients are in all cleaning chemicals, Green or conventional

This is continuing to evolve

◾EcoForm and ISSA’s Transpare™ program, which provides information about key ingredients found in cleaning chemicals and other products will become a major player when it comes to Green-certification in the jansan industry

This program is evolving and shows promise