Green Sports Alliance Green Cleaning Playbook

The comments about the preliminary drafts of the Green Sports Alliance Green Cleaning Playbook have been extremely positive and it looks like we’ve done a good job addressing the “basics” about Green Cleaning.  Plus there has been a theme emerging from our facility managers who would like to see more details on the following issues.  If possible, please provide your thoughts on the following (use the link below); as well as any general comments and other thoughts/information you’d like to offer:

  • Cleaning the bowl, concourse and restrooms during the game
    • Issues with “breaks” — cleaning at halftime, between periods, between quarters, 7th inning stretch — make it specific to sporting events
      • Staffing restrooms
      • Staffing and efficiently handling the removal of trash and recyclables; and the cleaning of those areas
    • Cleaning when fans are present
    • As the game goes on (and fans get drunker…) how this affects cleaning.
  • Cleaning the bowl, concourse and restrooms after the game
    • Using water, pressure washers, blowers, sweeping, snow removal
    • what happens if facility doesn’t have drains / not designed for water
  • Cleaning spills (provide specific recommendations from a “green” perspective)
    • Food, soda, beer, wine, catsup, mustard, peanuts (other?)
    • Body fluids (i.e. vomit, blood)
  • Cleaning before and after concerts or other events.  How is the cleaning similar and how are they different to cleaning before and after a game?
  • Issues unique to:
    • Colleges
    • Rec centers
    • Pools
    • Race Tracks
    • Golf courses
  • Tracking and measuring cleaning performance.

Please leave your comments here: