Green Sports Alliance Summit 2019 June 19-20, 2019

What is the Summit?
The annual Green Sports Alliance Summit is the largest and most influential gathering for the sports community to unite around sustainability. The event brings together hundreds of industry stakeholders to learn and share better practices and the latest innovations in greening operations, advancing the supply chain and engaging fans.

Why it Matters
The sports industry is uniquely positioned to make large scale impact in the environmental performance of many of our largest public spaces. Sports teams also play a special role in influencing citizens and mobilizing communities to take action. The Summit seeks to highlight better practices for enhancing performance and fostering a dialogue with stakeholders and fans about environmental stewardship.

Where and When
June 19-20, 2019 let’s come together to remember why we play, and why we work for greener fields and stadiums, and healthier cities and communities, locally and globally. Join us in Philadelphia – birthplace of the green sports movement 15 years ago – to reflect on our collective accomplishments and make a renewed commitment to future generations through exciting new initiatives that that leverage the immense cultural influence of sports to make positive change.

Summit Program
Throughout the two-day Summit, you’ll gain insights and inspiration as you join hundreds of sports, sustainability, and brand professionals in a collaborative setting to engage in problem-solving, skill-building workshops to reduce our overall impacts. And you’ll hear from top speakers – including athletes, team leaders, and sponsors – on everything from how to transform our supply chains to engaging fans and communities in being part of the many solutions alongside their favorite teams.

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