Greener hotels

Hotel room

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By Catharine Hamm, from Los Angeles Times

Question: Can I be a greener hotel guest?

Answer: You can and you should. But, as Kermit the Frog noted, it’s not easy being green.

The May 6 “On the Spot” column focused on behaviors of hotel guests that are wasteful and harmful to the environment. But, we should note, it’s also up to the hotel to practice what the green gods preach. The question for those of us who are environmental novices — and I am one — is what is a best practice? I’d love to know if housekeeping is using environmentally sound products, but I don’t have the expertise to assess that. Instead, experts made these suggestions.

Does the hotel landscaping reflect the area’s climate? “The key is to look around,” Starr Vartan, author of “The Eco Chick Guide to Life,” wrote in an email. “Are lush trees and grasses growing in profusion in natural areas at your destination? Well, then, for the most part, the ecosystem can support similar types of plantings in the hotel grounds too. Usually if a property is using local and native plants for their landscaping, they will tout it on their site. As a side bonus, these kinds of plants really give a visitor a sense of place and a further grounding in the local environment.”

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