Harvard Business Review: The Ten Most Sustainable Business Stories of 2014

From the Harvard Business Review.

While we normally do not share links for articles in other publications, this article from the Harvard Business Review discusses the good and bad about climate change, sustainability, where we are today, and where things might be going in 2015 and beyond. 

Also, while this is valuable and interesting, please remember the views expressed are that of the author’s and not necessarily those of Destination Green or The Ashkin Group.

The Ten Most Sustainable Business Stories of 2014; click here to read the entire article.

1. The bad news — climate change is now.

2. The good news — tackling climate change is getting much cheaper.

3. The utility and energy businesses are changing fundamentally (well, some of them are).

4. Serious legislation like a carbon tax — even in the U.S. — is seeming possible again.

5. A powerful social movement on climate takes shape.

6. Strategy and mission start to gain the upper hand on short-termism.

7. Rivals embrace radical collaboration.

8. The absurd amount of food we waste gets more attention.

9. A teenager pressures Cola-Cola and Pepsi – and wins.

10. The fight against inequality finds new business allies.

Click here to read the entire article.