Healthy Hospital Initiative

Leading Communities to a Healthier Future

Health care leaders have come together to address the sector’s role in preventing chronic disease. We know that our facilities contribute to pollution and the public
health crisis, and as a primary pillar of the community we must embed environmental health and sustainability into the mission of health care delivery across the country.

The Healthier Hospitals Initiative (HHI) is the answer.

HHI is a sector-wide campaign to improve patient outcomes and workplace safety, prevent illnesses, create environmental benefits, and save money.

To participate, simply select one or more of the six challenge areas that are identified with reducing impact on the environment, and HHI will give you the tools to succeed—at no charge.The six challenges each have detailed metrics and an implementation guide that can be adapted by any hospital in the country:

With your challenges selected, putting HHI into action and measuring your progress will begin to show benefits immediately. This movement is completely in concert with any organization’s mission of improving the health and well-being of your community and promoting effective stewardship of your resources.

More than 500 hospitals have already joined. Become a change agent and healing force on behalf of your hospitals, patients, staff and community. Enroll in HHI today– for FREE.

To learn more, contact Janet Brown at (866) 598-2110 or visit: