How businesses can use games to spur greener behavior


By Ben Holland, GreenBiz

When it comes to energy and the environment, most people want to do the right thing. But how many people actually contribute to improving energy use and environmental impact is another story.

That goes for just about any industry, and few know it better than those at South By Southwest (SXSW) Interactive. The conference, held annually in Austin, Texas, is a breeding ground for innovation and entrepreneurship in design, Internet and mobile technology — Twitter, for instance, started its rise as a global phenomenon there in 2007.

Naturally, I had concerns about giving a seemingly unrelated presentation on observed barriers to electric vehicle adoption. But it turns out that the SXSW crowd is ahead of the curve on the subjects of environment and energy use.

Two buzzwords, “gamification” and & “big data,” were in frequent use at SXSW earlier this month. The two are closely related, and when combined, could have interesting implications for energy use…

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