I Love Sports! (and the Green Sports Alliance)

From our June 2015 DestinationGreen Newsletter

I get so inspired watching elite athletes execute both individually and as a team.

Their physical ability, strength, endurance and court/field/track awareness can be true artistry.

I have seen how hard they work improving their technique, strengthening both the physical as well as the mental side of the game, planning and film study; practicing and more practicing.

I especially like watching the men and women when the game/race is on the line who want to take full responsibility for winning or losing on their shoulders — and calmly get it done!

Green Sports Alliance Summit

So, if you are like me, please consider joining me at the Green Sports Alliance Summit which will be held this year in Chicago from June 29 to July 1, 2015.

We are expecting 750 people for the Summit including current and retired pro players, along with league executives, team owners, venue operators, government officials, advocates, green product vendors and more.

We will have a small exhibit area for vendors (which sold out this year) including a number of leading Green Cleaning product manufacturers, distributors and service providers. Plus we will have a number of great tours of the Chicago sport venues and a fun evening at Soldier Field for a celebration with the pros!

The theme this year is around fan engagement. Dr. Allen Hershkowitz, president of the Green Sports Alliance and the man I consider the “father of Green sports,” best summed up the power of the sporting industry when his research concluded, “less than 13 percent of Americans follow science…but more than 63 percent follow sports.” No wonder athletes are used as spokespeople to sell pizzas, insurance, sneakers and more.

So as the professional and collegiate sporting industry adopts Greener practices – and as sports fans realize their favorite teams are getting on the green, health and sustainable bandwagon- more Americans and fans all around the globe will follow suit and implement better practices in their personal, family and professional lives. Sports can make it cool!

Greener Cleaning in Sports Facilities

There will be some 80 speakers addressing the issues that green sport teams care about such as:
•Strategies for engaging fans and increasing sponsorships
•Reducing energy and water consumption to save money and protect the environment
•Offering healthier choices for game-day foods
•Encouraging more women to get involved in professional sports

We will also have a specific focus on Green Cleaning where we will be introducing our new Playbook on Greener Cleaning in Sport Facilities.

On Tuesday (6/30) at 12:15pm we will be in the UPS Clubhouse Theater for the “official” release of the Playbook, and then on Wednesday (7/1) at 11:15am there will be a terrific how-to workshop titled Better Places to Play: Creating Healthier Venues for Athletes & Fans featuring a great line-up of health, environmental and cleaning experts.

We will thank over 100 individuals for their contribution to the Playbook, along with 22 product manufacturers, distributors and service providers.

And a special “shout out” goes to ISSA for their support and to the Healthy Schools Campaign who we will work with to try and take the lessons learned from the pro and collegiate sport facilities to help create cleaner, healthier and greener sport facilities at K-12 schools.

All in all, this is going to be an awesome, fun-filled, educational, inspiring and meaningful event. Sports really is helping us create a better world and I hope you can be a part of it.

Best regards,


P.S.  Check out this TED talk from Daniel Katz who is one of my fellow Board Members at the Green Sports Alliance.  It is titled “The Myth of Lost Causes” and is very inspiring!  http://bit.ly/1cSvwu5.