KPIs, Sustainability, and Private Universities

In order for a private university to track KPIs, such as the above, it will need to access some sort of online dashboard system. These systems can gather data, decipher it, monitor it, and then provide a big picture of where things stand and where they are going when it comes to the school becoming more sustainability focused. Possibly the best way to understand this is to use an example.

Let’s say we operate a private university made up of five buildings. Our goal is to reduce electricity consumption in all five buildings by ten percent in twelve months. Our first step is to create separate categories in our online dashboard system for each facility, labeling them “Building A,” “Building B,” and so on.

Now we must track the power consumption -and related costs-of all five buildings individually. But before we start, we must ask our local utility company to provide us with monthly statements indicating the electricity consumption and costs for the past three years in each building. It’s important to go back two or three years because this becomes our benchmark, and we want this benchmark to be as accurate as possible.

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