LEED Bashing: Government Study Finds “Equivalence” Between LEED and Green Globes


From Lloyd Alter, TreeHugger

Paula Melton recently wrote Green Globes Tops LEED in Federal Review, But Barely, in BuildingGreen and Greensource, describing how a new report suggests that “the Green Globes rating system aligns slightly better than LEED with federal requirements for new construction, while LEED remains the most compatible green building rating system for existing buildings.”

The differences identified between the two systems are not marked, and the report acknowledges that apples-to-apples comparisons are difficult. The reviewers also claim the report “does not recommend a certification system,” but repercussions remain to be seen; a similar report from 2006 was used to justify GSA’s continued use of LEED.

That is perhaps the understatement of the year; The repercussions could be huge. No doubt Ward Hubbell and the gang at the Green Building Initiative (GBI), the group behind Green Globes, are celebrating, for they are that much closer to being declared an equivalent to LEED. But there are a couple of very fundamental differences between the two organizations.

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