Making the Pitch: Selling Sustainability From Inside Corporate America

From Tony Calandro, The Huffington Post, Business

Sustainability” was little more than an environmental buzzword in corporate America a decade ago. Today it is a way of doing business that many companies have embraced in principle and, increasingly, in practice. These companies understand that integrating social and environmental issues into their DNA benefits their bottom lines and long-term growth. For these businesses, “going green” is about dollars and cents.

Yet, as the middle class population in developing countries more than doubles in less than a generation, natural resources will be further strained. This social and environmental reality will force companies to change the way they do business and adapt their operations to be successful and profitable. In an effort to understand the “secret sauce” necessary for integrating sustainability into a company’s business operations, VOX GlobalWeinreb Group Sustainability Recruiting and a Net Impact team from the University of California, Berkeley conducted a study of 32 sustainability leaders and the findings appear in our report titled, “Making the Pitch: Selling Sustainability from inside Corporate America.”

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