Most Large Companies ‘Lack Long-Term Water Strategies’


From Environmental Leader

Water footprintThe majority – 60 percent – of the world’s 250 largest companies lack a long-term water strategy, according to a KPMG analysis of corporate responsibility reports.

This may mean companies do not see the need to detail water strategies in their CR reports, according to Sustainable Insight – Business Responses to Water Scarcity. Or, at worst, it means companies do not realize the potential impact of water scarcity on their business.

The report, which analyzes reports across 34 countries, finds that while 76 percent of the world’s largest companies address water issues in their CR reporting, only a third report on their full water footprint. One in five report on part of their water footprint.

And only about one in 10 report that they are making changes to their business based on water availability or that they are mitigating the effects of water scarcity.

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