Operationally Sustainable Cleaning Services

Cleaning Workers Influence SustainabilityIt’s not about the best price; it’s about the best manager and the best toxic-free cleaning program from the most innovative company.

By Vince Elliot

After over 40 years of helping buyers evaluate and hire cleaning contractors, a few observations about how purchasing and buyer folks make choices have become evident. Sometimes, choices are made are “by the book,” exclusively following the purchasing bible word for word; this is called a success by some.  And indeed, it is a success from a buyer perspective. Yet, at what point is operational success integrated into the decision process? Further, how does that buying decision impact on-going operational success? It’s a focus on achieving operational sustainability through the art of buying.

Let’s start with a goal.

Would anyone accept “value” over “savings” as a fundamental end for the buying effort? Is there a way to buy that comes with the promise of operational success for appearance, occupant health and environmental improvement — and offers reduced cost? Click HERE to read more.