Painting the Picture of LEED 2012


From: U.S. Green Building Council

LEED Update: LEED 2012 Third Public Comment Opens March 1

What will LEED 2012 look like? With LEED 2009, the primary changes were foundational, such as rating system content alignment, the development of LEED Online v3 and updates to the professional credentials and certification process. The current draft of LEED 2012 builds on these changes but focuses on increasing the technical rigor of the rating system, expanding the market sectors able to use LEED and striving for simplicity in terms of usability. Project teams will be rewarded for identifying synergies among building systems and using them to achieve improved system design and performance. Additionally, LEED credits aimed at promoting higher performance outcomes are woven throughout LEED 2012 and addressed in every credit category.

Third Public Comment: March 1-20
LEED’s strength comes from its constant, consensus-driven improvement cycle. Multiple comment periods are held and input received is incorporated into LEED as the program evolves to address the dynamic needs of the building industry.

The third public comment period for LEED 2012 opens March 1 – March 20, 2012. This version of the draft focuses on enhancing the user experience in a variety of ways. LEED credit language has been rigorously reviewed and revised to clarify requirements. Credit names and their organization within categories has shifted to be more intuitive around broader issues within each category. LEED 2012 delivery intends to offer additional performance management tools for project teams and building owners to help measure and manage energy and water use.

Public comment documents will be available to the public beginning March 1 at