Philanthropy, CSR and the Social Responsibility of Business


By , from TriplePundit

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ve asked our writers (and guests) to respond to the question “What is the Social Responsibility of Business?” Philanthropy vs CSRPlease comment away or contact us if you’d like to offer an opinion.

The discussions about the social responsibility of business tend to focus on the ethical and economic aspects of this issue. We explore, for example, the business case for CSR, looking to find out if CSR makes sense not just morally but also financially. Yet, the problem is that CSR has a relatively vague definition, and as a result many times we call different things by the name CSR.

For example, corporate philanthropy is mistaken many times for corporate responsibility. But it is not the same, or to be more accurate, it is just one dimension of CSR, and frankly not the one we should be concentrating on when we talk and debate about the social responsibility of business.

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