Selling Sustainability from Sanitary Maintenance

Selling green cleaning products didn’t always
come easy for Iowa-Des Moines Supply, and its push toward sustainability is
more of a recent priority. Despite the late jumpstart, the 81-year-old
distributor of jan/san supplies based in Des Moines, Iowa, is now shining in
both of these arenas.

The distributor started offering green
products to its customers 15 years ago at the advice of a manufacturer. While
this supplier was encouraging the sale of something many would eventually
desire, the place and time made green cleaning supplies an extremely hard sell
for Iowa-Des Moines Supply.

Servicing The Hawkeye State out of its capital
city, Iowa-Des Moines Supply does business in a region that is usually at least
months behind the coasts when it comes to trends, says Todd Weidmaier, CEO. A
product built on environmental awareness was going to take even longer.

“These efforts were way ahead of anyone in the
Midwest and couldn’t get traction,” he says.

The company’s sales of green cleaning products
have increasingly improved over the past decade, as environmental consciousness
has extended from homes to the public and private sector. Now, Iowa-Des Moines
Supply’s passion for sustainability and green cleaning is shared by many
throughout its home state.

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