Statement of Support: Creating a Sustainable Cleaning Industry

We are building owners, facility managers, and industry leaders concerned about the health of our building occupants and our impact on the environment. Therefore, we require and encourage using Green Cleaning products. They are healthier for our occupants, healthier for the cleaning staff, and healthier for our planet.

Green Cleaning products comprise an estimated 30% of the $25,000,000,000 of commercial cleaning products annually sold in the United States. This is an improvement but only a first step in the long journey toward sustainability. Green Cleaning has matured such that we are moving beyond just the benefits of Green products and focusing on broader opportunities to drive additional human health and environmental benefits.

The opportunities for improvements are significant, given the estimated 5,000 warehouses and 25,000 delivery trucks that deliver cleaning products. Each year, their operations account for:

  • 700,000,000 kilowatt hours of electricity (enough to power 56,000 homes)
  • 2,800,000,000 cubic feet of natural gas (equal to 6,000,000 propane tanks used for home barbeques)
  • 640,000,000 gallons of water (enough to fill 1,000 Olympic swimming pools)
  • 53,000,000 gallons of fuel (enough for a truck to circle the earth over 19,000 times)
  • 275,000,000 pounds of solid waste (comparable to the annual waste from 23,000,000 households)
  • 1,100,000 metric tons of CO2e (as much CO2e from 240,000 passengers vehicles driven for 1 year)

Given the enormity of these impacts, we support the cleaning industry’s efforts to become more sustainable and will request that our cleaning product distributors provide key performance Indicators based on global sustainability reporting standards.

Additionally, we will request their historic trends and goals to encourage and reward those cleaning product distributors that demonstrate a commitment to ongoing improvements.

This information will help us, as sustainability leaders, report on the impacts of our supply chain, as well as differentiate between cleaning product distributors when making purchasing decisions. We believe that product performance and cost will always be key purchasing metrics.

However, based on the mainstreaming of Green Cleaning products, this simple act of requesting these additional performance indicators will result in a better understanding of the impacts from our supply chain. From this better understanding, we will see increased product cost stability and long term prosperity for all.

To accomplish this, we need your help. If you are a building owner or managers, please contact me here for more information about this program.