Submit Comments on EcoLogo’s Amendment Proposal for CCD-170, Instant Hand Antiseptics

Source: EcoLogo

EcoLogoCM certification criteria documents (CCD) are reviewed every five years to ensure they continue to accurately represent environmental leadership in the category. The EcoLogoCM criteria document for “Instant Hand Antiseptic Products” (CCD-170) is not scheduled for review and possible revision until 2015.  However, continued stakeholder feedback following completion of the CCD in 2010 has led us to propose an Amendment to CCD 170.

Image source: EcoLogo

Category definition under CCD-170 currently states “This category includes only instant hand antiseptic products designed for the “away from home market.”

EcoLogoCM proposes extending the allowed use of certification to the retail and consumer market as sales of instant hand antiseptic products are growing in the retail and consumer marketplace and we want to ensure that environmentally preferable products are identified for consumer users as well as institutional and industrial users.

Therefore, the EcoLogoCM Program proposes to change the category definition to include the retail and consumer market, along with the ‘away from home market’.

EcoLogo has initiated a 30-day comment period on this proposed minor adjustment of CCD-170. The comment period ends April 6, 2011. Any comments on this proposed amendment are welcomed. Please return all comments by e-mail at