Sustainability Ideas Must Be ‘Made to Stick’

by David Hawksworth – Sustainable Brands

Calls to shake up the sustainability community seem to be becoming increasingly frequent — the latest that I’ve read coming from the State of the World 2013 Report. With a warning that sustainability is in need of a “dramatic reboot,” it suggests a failure to deliver on the wealth of opportunities being promised.

To overcome this challenge, one thing’s for sure — there is a need for innovation and new ideas, just as there is for any step change in culture or business. When it comes to business, many companies have reached a point where the greatest need in delivering on their sustainability goals is to gain better cut-through with customers and employees. And in order to make this happen, a clearer focus is required on breakthrough ideas that will fire customers’ imaginations and excite their interest. In other words, marketing innovation needs to become an essential part of the sustainability mix.

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