Take Our Clean Energy Quiz (answers below)

1. How much of US energy is now supplied by renewable forms of energy?

3 percent

10 percent

12 percent

15 percent

2. By 2040, what type of energy will make up the largest portion of the US energy supply?

Renewable energy

Natural gas

Nuclear energy

Oil and liquid fuels

3. Which of the following countries has the most stringent auto fuel economy  requirements?

The US


The European Union

South Korea

4. If every household n the US replaced 3 incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs, by how much would US carbon dioxide emissions be reduced?

Less than one percent

About 2 percent

Five percent

More than ten percent

5. Do you use more energy making a cup of coffee or using your laptop for six hours?

The coffee maker

The laptop

6. Finally, will the Trump administration slow this countries movement to clean, renewable energy?




1. About 15 percent

2. Natural gas

3. The European Union and Japan

4. About 2 percent

5. They are both amount the same

6. No