The Green Janitorial Closet Makeover

When working with facilities transferring from a conventional to a green-cleaning strategy, there are a number of key steps that must be taken: get the C-suite on board; discuss with building users why the facility is transferring to green cleaning (to help protect their health); and get the custodial crew behind the transfer, etc. One first step often overlooked involves the janitorial closet. For an effective green-cleaning program to work, it must start at the “heart” of cleaning, which in most facilities is the janitorial closet.

All cleaning solutions, green or traditional, must be respected because they can be potentially harmful if used improperly. And the janitorial closet contains the tools of the trade for cleaning workers. Just as the carpenter values his tool kit or the doctor her stethoscope, the chemicals, tools and equipment used for cleaning should also be valued and appreciated.

So, where do we begin in a “green janitorial closet makeover?” We first must have a “meeting” with the closet. Among the things we are going to look at and consider in this meeting:

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