The ISSA Convention…. from a distance

stephen ashkinEvery year I look forward to the ISSA/INTERCLEAN Convention. However, this year I had a medical emergency and after a visit to the hospital emergency room, returned home and missed the Convention.

I’m fine now. And frankly, it is hard for me to feel sorry for myself when I see so much suffering in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria; the earthquake in Mexico and the challenges that many suffer daily.

While I am disappointed that I missed the Convention, I was inspired by all the great people that made sure everything went well.

The Healthy Schools Campaign

The Healthy Schools Campaign held its Green Clean School’s track with excellent leadership from their staff and Leadership Council including:

*   Gene Woodard – University of Washington

*   Jodi Krause – University of Wisconsin

*   Mervin Brewer – Salt Lake City School District

*   Mike Jones – Columbia (Missouri) Public Schools

*   Keith Weber – Newport News (Virginia) Public School District.

And special thanks to Tracy Enger from US EPA for doing such a great job facilitating discussions. You guys ROCK!

I am also working with the Healthy Schools Campaign on a letter to President Trump, Secretary DeVos (US Department of Education), Governor Scott (Florida) and Governor Abbott (Texas).

We are reminding them of the unique vulnerabilities of our school kids and asking that monies be specifically targeted for schools recovering from the hurricanes.

These schools/kids need our help. Please email me if you and your organization would like to see the letter and hopefully, you will sign-on.

Jansan Sustainability

As Green Cleaning moves mainstream, our next opportunity is to help the jansan industry become more sustainable. Accordingly, it was great to see the success of ISSA’s Distributor Efficiency Analytics & Learning Program (DEAL) led by Jon Adkins and John Thoma from ISSA, and supported by Katrina Saucier of Sustainability Dashboard Tools, LLC.

They held the DEAL Awards ceremony at the show to recognize top-performing distributors and manufacturers including Alliance, Dalco, EBP Supply, Iowa Des Moines Supply, Nichols, North American, Nyco, Sikes Paper, Solaris Paper, and Waxie. Check this out.

These companies are leading the way in our industry and saving a large amount of money along the way. Please let me know if you’d like to learn more about the DEAL Program and how it can help your business.

And for those facility managers who subscribe to my newsletter, let me know if you’d like to discuss how you can encourage sustainability from your vendors of cleaning products and services.

Together, we can move the industry forward, reduce waste of all kinds (including energy, water and fuels), keep costs down, and reduce environmental impacts.

Here at Home 

I also want to thank my colleague Brian Johnson, who works with me at The Ashkin Group, for spending time at the Convention. He previously served as Deputy Director of the California EPA.

Brian is focused on the nexus between Green Cleaning and sustainability. At the Convention, he met with exhibitors discussing Green cleaning solutions; the benefits of on-site cleaning product generators; sustainable paper solutions; advances in cleaning equipment including improved battery technologies; robots, plastic products utilizing recycled content; as well as floor pads, mats, and other materials.

Plus, Brian is spending lots of planning ways to integrate social issues into sustainability. This would include new ways to think about ergonomics, protecting the health of cleaning workers, employing veterans injured serving our country, and hiring people with developmental and other disabilities.

Finally, I want to thank Christine Blackburn – American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) which organized a letter to California’s Governor Brown discussing our support for legislation that provides purchasers the information they need to make informed buying decisions, while at the same time protecting confidential business information. Click here to see the letter.

ASBC is a network of businesses and professional associations that have committed themselves to the triple bottom line of People, Planet, and Profit. ASBC members believe that sustainable business is good business, and a sustainable economy is a prosperous and resilient one. If you want more info on ASBC, click here.

Best regards and please let me know about the letter to support our schools damaged by the hurricanes and your interest in the ISSA DEAL Program.

Until next month,