The Perfect Thing to Do for Earth Day (April 22): Take the Trashtag Challenge

A new challenge has gone viral just in the past couple of months, encouraging you, me, and people around the globe to visit nearby green and wilderness areas and do two things:

  • Take photos of trash left in these areas and post them on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Take a second photo of the same area now cleared of trash due to your excellent efforts and post those.

The #trashtag challenge started on social media to encourage teens around the globe to take action and help clean up their “neck of the wood.”

One of the first posts included photos of an area that needed some cleaning up, then posted another after doing something about it. From there, the challenge took off.

To see what has been happening, visit Twitter and search for #trashtag.

The challenge has spread at such amazing speed among teens and people in all age groups around the world, it makes me wonder if these public areas were just waiting for a program like this to begin.

In the past, DestinationGreen has discussed many things about Earth Day, including its history. We have also suggested a variety of ways those in the professional cleaning industry can put their knowledge and services to work, helping schools and other facilities in their communities become cleaner and healthier.

This year, we encourage you to take the #trashtag challenge. It’s different. It’s fun. It makes people really feel good. And with thousands of people going out for Earth Day on April 22 picking up trash and litter, we can do a lot of good for our communities at the same time.

To help get you started, Katrina Saucier, program manager for Sustainability Dashboard Tools, LLC, answers some questions employers might have about participating in the #trashtag challenge.

 How can we make the #trashtag challenge a “big deal” for our company?

Easy! Invite your customers, soon-to-be customers, vendors, employees —everyone!—to get on board. Not only can this be a fun and easy way to rally your employees and customers around your environmental stewardship, but this creates teamwork, which can sustain these relationships long after Earth Day and the #trashtag challenge is over.

 How can we get every one of our staff involved?

Here at Sustainability Dashboard Tools, LLC, we are giving everyone two hours off work to participate in a nearby event. Some of our clients are scheduling events on Sunday, the 21st. They have selected an area to clean up and then end the day with a picnic.

 Where should we go to hold the event? Do we need some sort of permit?

No permit necessary unless it’s a permit to have fun. How about selecting a nearby park, beach, or open public area.

 What will we need?

Everyone involved should be wearing protective gear like gloves and goggles. Wear shoes or boots that will not be damaged by outdoor activities. Some of your staff may also want to wear a face mask, especially if they have allergies. Bring lots and lots of trash liners, along with brooms, shovels, and warehouse-style dustpans.

 What do we do when we are finished?

Deposit the trash at a nearby trash collection site. Make sure you have taken your before-and-after photos, and then post them on your company website as well as social media sites.

Also, don’t forget to use the hashtag #trashtag. This way we can keep the momentum going long after Earth Day and make our world cleaner for years to come.

Until next month,



Remember, Earth Day is April 22.  Let’s celebrate!