Top 5 Green Jobs on the Rise in the United States


From: Frank Conley, Triple Pundit

Nowadays, you see the newest and latest products marketed by components that relate to the benefit of the environment. The green economy is rising by the second. Businesses and people are placing more of a value on “going green.” The attention on the global environment is growing. For this purpose, more jobs have been created or altered to go green.

Environmental Entrepreneurs

In general, entrepreneurship, along with internet businesses, is a rising field. Environmental innovation and entrepreneurship inquires those with a passion and mission to improve the environment. These people do not necessarily need a business degree, but may have an expertise in the field and the action to create the applications. Featured on the MSNBC website is a section dedicated to environmental entrepreneurs. The section includes world news, interviews of environmental entrepreneurs, and daily tips. With the growing popularity of the going green culture, many people are beginning to take an interest in green businesses.

Solar Installation Worker

The solar industry has been strong and continues to grow, despite the state of our economy. Solar panels are in high demand because of how inexpensively they generate electricity and energy for homes and infrastructures. Many solar panel businesses are expanding which, in return, creates more jobs. Solarzentrum, a German manufacturer of solar panels, is expanding its facility in Cincinnati, OH, and creating about 140 new jobs. Businesses in the solar industry are continually competing to create new products that help people to live in a more sustainable environment.

Environmental Engineer

Recently, engineering in the environmental field has been a hit. Environmental engineering is the backbone to maintaining the environment. It encompasses science and engineering principles that promote living a better quality life and environment. There is a variety of settings environmental engineers work in, such as air control, waste management, public health, and water control. For engineers, it is easy to switch to the green field. This green engineering field is dominating the rise of green jobs.

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