Traditional, Tried and True Campaigning Tactics for your Energy Project

From Al Maiorino, President, Public Strategy Group for EnvironmentalLeader

When working to combat opposition, campaigns often employ the use of new mediums of communication. Facebook, Twitter, and various real-time social media platforms have become a central focus of many public affairs organizations. Utilizing these platforms is effective and produces results in a number of ways. It is even safe to say that in our modern world a communication organization cannot completely reach its full potential without these vehicles of communication.

Yet, to create effective, engaging, grassroots energy campaigns, traditional, tried and true campaign tactics are needed. Many companies often overlook traditional, tried and true tactics, such as direct mail, phone banking, and canvassing, because the tactics may seem outdated in a tech focused world. However, if these media are excluded, companies are doing their target audiences a great disservice.

Let’s review the ways in which traditional communicative tactics serve communities effectively. Three particular methods work best in order to forge quality relationships between an organization and a community.

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