Transpare: A New One-Stop Shop for Green Cleaning Purchasing

From Healthy Schools Campaign

Over the past several years, we have seen incredible strides in the field of green cleaning. Eco-friendly labels like GreenSeal and the Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment (DfE) have helped set quality standards for green cleaning products, and many educational institutions are using environmentally responsible products and are instituting green cleaning programs. As the market for green cleaning products grows, more tools need to be available to educate and empower purchasers to make the decisions that will best benefit the health of the people using their facilities and the environment.

ISSA, the worldwide association for the commercial cleaning industry, and Ecoform have just launched Transpare, a free product registry that communicates information on the key environmental, health, and safety attributes of commercial cleaning products. Transpare provides purchasers with a way to easily select cleaning products that are appropriate for their facility occupants and that meet the environmental goals of their organizations. It provides purchasers with customizable searches, filters, and product comparisons to easily distinguish between green cleaning products and ensure that their purchases are supporting the overall sustainability of the organization.

Transpare launched with a product guide to chemical cleaning products, including specific searches available for all-purpose cleaners, restroom cleaners, carpet cleaners, dishwashing liquid, glass cleaner, machine dish detergent and floor cleaner. More is in progress.

We applaud ISSA on the launch of this fantastic resource.

David Schweizer, the Account Executive of Environmental Services for ISSA, says that several years ago, ISSA began to see a move toward purchasers not only seeking out green products, but looking for more information. Specifically, purchasers were looking for information on one or two attributes of a product, and there was no way to convey that information easily. In addition, on the regulatory side, there was more of a call for manufacturers to post information about chemicals. ISSA began working with partners on a system that could easily communicate all this information.

The process began with a core committee, including manufacturers, purchasers, user organizations and environmental non-governmental organizations. Healthy Schools Campaign was a part of that committee, along with a variety of stakeholders including Ecolab, Procter & Gamble, the Environmental Defense Fund, the American Federation of Teachers, Wal-Mart, The Ashkin Group, Kaiser Permanente and the states of Illinois and California. Specific committees are working together on developing specific product categories, determining metrics and how they will be reported in Transpare, verification and other key areas.

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