Update on the ISSA Convention

The ISSA convention is October 20-23 in Las Vegas.

Here are some of the hot topics I will be discussing or will be happening at my booth, 3291:

  • Meeting members of the Green Sports Alliance
  • Discussing ways to minimize contamination inadvertently spread by janitors
  • Ways we can all reduce our environmental footprint while at the conventions.
And by the way, this is a super-big event this year. Also at the show will be members and organizations involved with BSCAI, IEHA, ARCSI, and CETA.

OK, let’s get to those hot topics:

My Convention Speeches: This year I will be doing two presentations at the convention and hope to see you there:

The Winning Numbers Behind Sustainability. Green Cleaning and sustainability offer a broad landscape of important issues and trends. In this session, I will identify specific opportunities and tools to help meet customer reporting needs and find solutions to internally reduce environmental impact and save money. If you already have a strong Green Cleaning program, sustainability is the next business requirement on the journey. Tuesday, October 20 at 1 p.m. in Room N103.

* Help Facilities Save Money and Reduce Environmental Impact. One of our primary goals is to help customers save money and reduce environmental impact. In this session I will address strategies, processes, and products that can help you do just that. Whether you are a distributor, service provider, or manufacturer, you will take home tips for differentiating your offering from the competition and growing your business. Tuesday, October 20 at 2 p.m. in Room N103.

Visit Our Booth 3291: If you can’t make my presentations on Tuesday, I hope you will stop by my booth 3291 as I have a few things I would like to discuss with everyone as we prepare for 2016.
Meet members of the Green Sports Alliance: Come by Booth 3291 and meet Sara Hoversten, Director of Operations at the Green Sports Alliance. Sara worked on the Greener Cleaning Playbook and now is working with me to develop a series of workshops hosted at a pro sport facility. Let Sara know if you’re interested in hosting an event or sponsoring the series, and drop off a business card for a chance to win an autographed jersey.

* Reducing Cross Contamination: Let’s develop a list of best practices that can reduce cross contamination. We can learn a lot from healthcare facilities, hotels, food prep areas, clean rooms, and other areas to ensure we are not unintentionally contributing to the problem. Please share your thoughts with me.

* Sustainability Reporting: I anticipate a growing demand from corporations looking for their suppliers to provide information on supply chain, greenhouse gas emissions, and other reporting. Not only would I like to help you with these reports, but I also believe that this can be a means for driving efficiencies, saving money, differentiating from the competition, and more. So let’s talk.
* Green Disinfectants: Did you know that the U.S. EPA has a pilot program on “green” disinfectants? But while the feds have approved the new program, it is meeting with resistance at the state level. If you are a disinfectant user, manufacturer, or distributer, please stop by so we can discuss how to move this program forward. I can’t do it without help.
* Engineered Water: I am intrigued. Are these new devices part of the future of the cleaning industry? Eliminating millions of plastic bottles and cardboard shipping cartons can eliminate environmental impacts from manufacturing and disposal after use. Are you using or testing these devices? Stop by and let me know what you think.
* Stopping Deforestation: We use billions of pounds of toilet tissue and paper hand towels each year. I wonder if we can use our combined purchasing power to go beyond recycled content to include products that can help us reduce the deforestation of the rainforest, which in turn affects climate change. Can we be this bold?
* Innovation and Other Products: I like anything “green,” from revolutionary and never-before-seen products to greener existing technologies such as those that make floor and carpet care more sustainable or reduce contaminants that could harm human health. If you’ve seen such a product, let me know.
* LEED Dynamic Plaque: USGBC members, let’s discuss the LEED Dynamic Plaque. This new LEED platform does not track purchased items such as cleaning supplies, lightbulbs, electronics, batteries, or office supplies. We can do better.
A few final comments and updates:
* Green Apple Day of Service: My thanks to those who registered your custodial training program with the USGBC’s Center for Green Schools and its Green Apple Day of Service. We cataloged trainings that helped more than 350,000 students-very cool! And my thanks to ISSA and the Healthy Schools Campaign for their collaboration.
* Green Cleaning Awards for Schools & Universities: We recently completed the judging of the nominations for the awards, and they were the most competitive and best yet! Thanks to those who sent in nominations. The award winners will be announced in the December issue of American School & University magazine. And thanks again to the Healthy Schools Campaign for being our partner with this project.
* Vote for the Green Janitor Education Program for the Malcolm Lewis IMPACT! Award: This training program developed in conjunction with the USGBC-LA chapter has been nominated for the Malcolm Lewis IMPACT! Award. The project receiving the most “likes” will be crowned the 2015 IMPACT! Award winner, and frankly I would like to see the cleaning industry recognized for its leadership.

And one more thing.   I had the pleasure of being interviewed by SERVICES Magazine about my history in the professional cleaning industry.  Please read how the “father of Green cleaning” came to be.