Vermont Law School’s Top 10 Environmental Watch List for 2012


From Dean Kuipers, Los Angeles Times

Vermont Law Top 10 Environmental Watch List 2012

Vermont Law School, which has one of the top-ranked environmental law programs in the country, just released its second annual Top 10 Environmental Watch List of issues and developments that should be closely followed in 2012.

Top of the list? Republican attacks on the Environmental Protection Agency. According to an innovative online database set up by L.A.’s own Rep. Henry Waxman, there have been 170 anti-environmental votes under the Republican majority in the 112th Congress, and 91 of them attacked the EPA.

Other hot topics on the watch list include that same EPA and the White House clashing over ozone standards, the activist effort to stop the Keystone XL pipeline, and landmark settlements under the Endangered Species Act.

Because it’s a law school, all of these issues are law-related. Of course, much of the struggle over protecting the environment takes place in the courts.

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